"The school trips are exciting and inspiring." - Kolshuma

"Learning in our school is imaginative and creative." - Salim

"There are brilliant teachers who help boost our learning." - Sidra

"I love the good work assemblies, they make you feel proud." - Aaisha

"We have lots of rewards but the greatest reward is a smile." - Abbas

"We get to use equipment we don't have at home like the iPads." - Kaisar

"I like the clubs because you can learn skills and show off." - Farhat

Adult ICT


To Attend – Parents Only


Day and Time - Monday, 09:15 – 11:30


Location - ICT Room


Staff - (Life Long Learning Tutor)


Course/Session Information - Come along and learn all about how to use a computer, develop your understanding of different programmes, use the internet and gain knowledge regarding uses of technology for everyday life.

Crèche – Available


Contact Details – Come into Greenhill Academy and speak to Miss Stott (Learning Community Leader) or Mrs Kussar (Parental Support Worker) or ring 0161 260 0621 for more information about this course/session.



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