"The school trips are exciting and inspiring." - Kolshuma

"Learning in our school is imaginative and creative." - Salim

"There are brilliant teachers who help boost our learning." - Sidra

"I love the good work assemblies, they make you feel proud." - Aaisha

"We have lots of rewards but the greatest reward is a smile." - Abbas

"We get to use equipment we don't have at home like the iPads." - Kaisar

"I like the clubs because you can learn skills and show off." - Farhat



Leadership and Governance of the Trust

The vision of The Harmony Trust is that it will be known for best practice in educational excellence.

There is a strong moral purpose to do what is best for children and families and this underpins our ethos. We aim to raise aspirations and attainment of all children, developing pupils with high self-esteem and responsibility.

The Trust is committed to the delivery of high quality education delivered by excellent staff, in a caring, supportive, learning environment.


The legal Governing Body of all academies in the Harmony Trust is the Trust Board itself.

Members of the Trust are directly responsible for appointing the Trustees.

The Trust Board maintains direct responsibility and accountability directly to the Secretary of State and the Department for Education in London.


Members of the Harmony Trust

Mr Dominic Wall      Mr Paul Makin     Mrs Marian Simmons       Mr Kit Thorne

Oldham Hulme Grammar School



The Harmony Trust Board of Trustees


Mr Paul Makin             Mrs Marian Simmons           Mr Graham McGuffie

Mr Sajen Bakht           Mr Antony Hughes               Ms Sara Bashir

Ms Ashley Forbes        Mr Norman Hole        


The Members and the Trust Board have 2 committees

  • the Finance and Audit & Risk committee
  • the Standards committee and Pay & Performance committeeEach individual academy has an advocate on the Board, who knows their school very well.

The Board of Trustees is supported by the Central Leadership Team.   

Each Academy has a Principal who is supported by a Senior and Middle Leadership Team.

The Chief Executive who is supported by the Director of Standards, Director of Finance, Director of Business Management and a Strategy Advisor, along with their own teams.

 Their work will be supported by a -

  • Academy Staff Consultation group
  • Academy Parents Forum
  • Academy Pupil Council

These groups are made up of representatives who give key stakeholders of the academy a forum to discuss issues, voice ideas to support the academy and share successes and areas for development.


Please click on the link below to view the Register of Business & Personal Interests

Harmony Trust Register of Business & Personal Interests 2016-17 - Members & Trustees.pdf

 Link to further governance information for The Harmony Trust

Link to minutes of Trustee Meetings 2016/17

Link to Committee Information & Attendance



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