"The school trips are exciting and inspiring." - Kolshuma

"Learning in our school is imaginative and creative." - Salim

"There are brilliant teachers who help boost our learning." - Sidra

"I love the good work assemblies, they make you feel proud." - Aaisha

"We have lots of rewards but the greatest reward is a smile." - Abbas

"We get to use equipment we don't have at home like the iPads." - Kaisar

"I like the clubs because you can learn skills and show off." - Farhat


Greenhill Academy has a local and national reputation for excellence and high levels of achievement and as Chief Executive Officer of the Harmony Trust I am delighted to welcome you to the Greenhill Academy website. Our school is a place where every child achieves and succeeds. Developing well-being and self esteem is our key alongside raising attainment and achievement.

Our vision is to be a leading example of excellence in Primary Education.Mr Antony Hughes

At Greenhill, we aim to prepare our learners for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life through a balanced high quality education in a caring and stimulating environment where our school community is learning and achieving together.

As a National Support school we provide support to a range of schools across our region and nationally, sharing our successful approach to teaching and learning.

Through our web site you are able to explore our work in greater detail.

With warm regards,

Antony Hughes

Chief Executive



A note from the Executive Principal...

Mrs EcclesI am very proud of our academy, our strong values and the high expectations we have for all our pupils.  We strive ‘to be the best we can be’ and are determined that everyone, children and staff, can reach their full potential.


In 2016 children have made excellent progress in their learning and this is through the hard work of our children and staff, as well as the strong relationships we have developed over time with our families and the local community.

Melanie Eccles

Executive Principal

Greenhill Academy


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